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12 Angry Men

The show is centered around 12 strangers as they deliberate the fate of an 18 year old man charged with the capital murder of his father. A guilty verdict would mean an automatic death sentence for the boy. The case appears open and shut with 11 to 12 voting instantly for a guilty verdict. The one hold out helps to take the other jurors and audience on a journey into the complexity of the case as well as the jurors themselves. 

Director: Alexis M. Vournazos

Dates: April 14th – April 29th 


Foreman - Aaron Kaplan

Juror #2 - Gary Kline

Juror #3 - Bob Lussier

Juror #4 - Brian DeToma

Juror #5 - Steve Taliaferro

Juror #6 - Gus Bottazzi

Juror #7 - Ray Szwec

Juror #8 - Michael Wright

Juror #9 - Mark Ferguson

Juror #10 - Rich Molinaro

Juror #11 - Eric Greenfield 

Juror #12 - Vincent LaRusso

Guard -  Peter McLoughlin


"12 Angry Men is a conversation about gender, race,
responsibility and well, the nature of anger and where it comes from. 

Through this production, Town Players speaks to all of this with detail of litterateurs and the limitless energy and attention of the truest actors."

- Newtown Bee

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