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A Murder Is Announced

In the quiet, little village of Chipping Cleghorn, an announcement in the local newspaper causes a stir among the residents. There is to be a murder in the home of Miss Blacklock that evening! As Miss Blacklock, her lodgers, and curious visitors begin to arrive, tensions mount and everyone wonders if it’s all a silly joke. However, the victim proves to be an unexpected visitor and not Miss Blacklock or one of the villagers at all. With the arrival of Inspector Craddock, a murder investigation begins. Somewhat to his frustration, he is joined by amateur sleuth Miss Marple, who is always one step ahead. They reveal that Miss Blacklock is due to inherit a huge sum of money, but who would stand to gain from her murder? In a classic Agatha Christie tale of concealed identities, desperation, mixed motives, and another death, it takes a risky strategy to uncover the true identity of the murderer.

Director: Gene Golaszewski

Dates: August 11th - August 26th


Miss Marple - Stefanie Rosenberg


Letitia Blacklock - Monica O'Brien


Inspector Craddock - Ron Malyszka

Julia Simmons -  Lindsay Clouse


Patrick Simmons - Joel Michael

Dora Bunner - Patricia White


Mitzi - Sheri Rak

Phillipa Haymes - Calista Giroux


Edmund Swettenham - Joshua Adelson

Mrs. Swettenham - Barbara Disraeli


Sergeant Mellors - Billy Anderson

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