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Twists and Turns!
One Acts written by Stuart Brown


1. The Drawing - What would you do if you just won the zillionaire lotto?  Pat
and George soon have reason to fantasize about this tantalizing dream.

2. The Wait - A theater critic and his friend are caught in the gridlock of
audience members leaving the theater after a performance of Mamma
Mia!  How they impatiently wait forms the basis for this humorous
commentary about today’s theater.

3. I Don’t Care - John Goldsmith is attempting to have his yearly physical
started, but is faced with one difficulty after another. And he hasn’t even
been able to get by the receptionist.

4. The Suitcase - A married couple come to a major decision about their life together.

5. Tables are Turned – A formerly tenured college faculty member demoted
to the role of academic advisor learns more about himself than the student
he is supposed to be helping.

6. Romeo Rules - Frank Martin has just joined the ranks of retirees and is
waiting to share his new life with his friend David Thompson over a
celebratory breakfast.  The mood is upbeat until Frank learns that, as a
newly minted ROMEO, there are rules and regulations to the do’s and
don’t’s of retiree conversations.

7. Beached – On all house hunting TV programs the focus is on the couple
purchasing a home. But what about the off-screen announcer?  
What are his dreams? Hopes? Desires?

Stuart Brown is an award-winning Connecticut playwright whose works have been staged in CT, MA, NJ, RI, TX and via the British podcast, Theatrical Shenanigans. Brown is a theater critic with the Outer Critics Circle and the Connecticut Critics Circle, reviewing over 60 shows a year in Connecticut and New York City. He also runs the 24/7 online Broadway radio station,, featuring the best from Off-Broadway, Broadway, and the London stages.

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