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Amadeus is arguably one of the most successful serious plays of the last half century.  It celebrates Mozart and his music but also analyzes, with compassion and wit, how ordinary most of us are. It's a drama with nuggets of historical truths. It's a tragedy. A contest between Salieri and God vs the inexplicable talents and gifts of Mozart and his " ordinariness ". Director Robin Frome brings an insight and a unique ear to a story you think you know. A modern staging with an emphasis on humanity and relationships.

Director: Robin Frome

Audition Dates: May 20 & May 21st

Show Dates: July 19th - August 3rd 


Antonio Salieri - John Bergdahl


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Tyler Holm


Constanze (Stanzi) Weber - Isabelle Bergman


Joseph II - Gus Botazzi


Count Johann Kilian von Strack - Dan Pullen


Count Franz Orsini-Rosenberg - Dean Alexander


Baron Gottfried van Swieten - Michelle Rosa

Two "Venticelli" - Lindsay Clouse/Amy Strachan

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