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I Never Sang For My Father

For Gene Garrison, life with his father has never been easy. But when his parents return from a winter in Florida, his mother's health has deteriorated, and Gene must take greater responsibility for his difficult father. 

Director: Gus Bottazzi

Audition Dates: July 28 6:30-8:30 PM & July 29 7:00-9:00 PM

Dates: September 20th - October 5th




Tom - Age range 65+; Patriarch of the family. Former military. Strong willed, difficult personality


Gene - Age range 30s/40s; Son with quiet strength and compassion. Tries to keep situations positive. Problem resolver.


Margaret - Age 65+; Matriarch. Soft spoken, loving with gentle nature, suffering from frail health


Alice - Age range 30s/40s; Gene's sister. Strong and firm personality. Compassionate but determined to not be sucked into drama.


Characters Played by One Actress

Mary - Age range 20s/30s; A pretty waitress, friendly and a little flirtatious.


Porter -  Age range 20s; Polite, clean cut and very patient)


Nurse - Age range 30s; Professional, friendly and direct.

Characters Played by One Actor

Dr. Pell - Age range 40s; A minister. Straightforward, middle aged and sincere


Marvin Scott - Age range mid 60s; Personable and friend to Tom. 


Dr. Mayberry - Middle Aged; Pleasant, hearty personality. Great bedside manner.


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